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Kurt at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

Kurt at the Philadelphia Museum of Art

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2wallymail - June 15, 1996
A 1970 Business Card
A Ball of Twine: Marcel Duchamp’s “With Hidden Noise"
A Bruit Secret: Draft notes for a talk at UC Davis
A Cantata for the Dead Sheep of Utah
A Conversation with Destruction Artist Raphael Monteñez Ortiz  (Audio File)
A Discography of Rhythm and Blues and Early Rock and Roll
A Is for Apple
A K von Meier Mind Map
A Kvon Meier Treasure Box
A letter from Doug Weston of the Troubadour
A 1966 Letter from Roberta Bernstein to Kurt about Andy Warhol
A letter from the Notebooks of von Meier
A Letter to Richard Graff of The American Institute of Wine and Food
A List of Objects Moved after the 1979 Fire
A painting by Kurt von Meier?
A Portfolio of Piles
A Postcard from Artist Ken Magri
A Pyramid Project
A Reasonably Quiet Theater Piece
A Survey of Mozarabic Manuscript Illumination
A Thematic Book List - 1995
About this website
Absolutism, Totalitarianism and the Arts
Aesthetics and Criticism - Working Notes - Art 102
Alan Watts and G. Spencer Brown Discuss Laws of Form  (Audio File)
Alfred E. Neuman 4 President
Amanita muscaria: The Magic Mushroom of the Ancients
American Sculpture of the Sixties
America's Number Two Art City
An Interview with Arman - 1969
An Interview with Dewain Valentine
Approach to Art - UCLA Lecture 1966
Architecture: Paradigm and Outline
ARCTEX Relational Database Project
Art 1B Midterm Examination and Survey - 1986
Art 102 - Aesthetics and Criticism - 1993
Art 110A Lecture at UCLA - 1966
Art 110A Final Exam UCLA - 1966
Art 113-C - Midterm examination - Occidental Art and Mythology
Art 114-A - Art & Mythology: "Civilization" (Audio File)
Art in The Cultural Revolution
Art Treasures from Japan
Artist Fritz Scholder Returns to Sacramento: A Transcript
Artist Kurt Schwitters  (Audio File)
Artist Noble Richardson
Artistic Melancholy
Artists as Victims of Their Own Success
AUM Conference Transcripts Introduction
AUM Conference Transcript - Session One
AUM Conference Transcript - Session Two
AUM Conference Transcript - Session Three
AUM Conference Transcript - Session Four
Avant-Garde Sculptor Harold Paris
Balkan Sobranie Cigarettes
Beelzebub Hamiltonian Fly
Book Review: Tim Leary's "What Does WoMan Want?
Booley and Rosie go to NCC
Brian Wilson - The Beethoven of Rock
Buddy Meier's Dream
Building a New Critical Foundation
Canned Heat
Capsules from an Excursus on 1111
Carlos the Horse-fly or Carlos the Bull-fly
Censorship and Obscenity (Audio File)
Censorship and the Arts
Chance in Music and the Visual Arts - A UCLA Lecture 1966
Ch’ing Ch’ing Goes the Bell
Chinese Anyone?
C.I.R.C.A - Center for Intermedia Research and Communications Analysis
Coincidence? You Decide
Commentary on Jene La Rue's "The Meanings of Mythology"
Corporate Conscience
Correspondence with Mathematician H.S. Coxeter
Correspondence with M.C. Escher
Course Proposal: Laws of Form (Audio file included)
Course Proposal: Wholistic Architecture
Cryptic Quito Camera Club
Cultural Revolution and the Native American Spirit  (Audio File)
Dear President Gerth
Death of the Masterpiece
Defying the Laws of Form at the AUM Conference - The Realist
Design of an Experiment Using Fourier Transform
De Wain Valentine: Kurt's Unpublished Commentary
Disney's "Artistic Eye" Project
Doin' It By Threes
Dr. von Meier's 24-hour Seminar
Duchamp Regular - Upper and Lower Case plus Readymades
Earth Rose vs. The People of the State of California
Ed “Big Daddy” Roth
Elvis Aron Presley and the history of R & R  (Part 1)
Elvis Aron Presley  (Part 2)
Elvis Aron Presley  (Part 3)
Elvis Aron Presley  (Part 4)
Elvis Aron Presley  (Part 5)
Exhibition Ideas (Circa 1965)
Female Warriors: Memorial remembers women at war
Fire, Architecture, Astronomy, Language, Time and Unity
For the Love of the Chile
Foreword to an exhibition by artist Robert Ellis
Four Pages from a Notebook: May, 1966
Freeways and the Experience of Architecture
Friends, Lovers, Places, Dates, Moments and Meaning
From the Void to Architecture
"FUCK HATE" - Kurt's Testimony at the Earth Rose Obscenity Trial, 1968
Funksville: The West Coast Scene
Games and Chance
Gemini Rising
Georg Kolbe - Kurt's Doctoral Dissertation
Gestalt Mathematics
Getty Funded Guest Lectures in Aesthetics and Criticism
Golden Gate International Exhibition - 1939
Grandfather of LSD Meets the Acid Children
Gregory Bateson, Douglas Kelly and Heinz von Foerster at the AUM Conference (Audio File)
Gurus Enough
Hanging Out at the Diamond Sufi Ranch (Audio File)
Having Shit, Soaked and Shaved
Heinz von Foerster: On Constructing a Reality (Booklet)
Heinz von Foerster at the AUM Conference: Computing a Reality (Audio File)
Henri Matisse Retrospective
High School Report Card 1951
History and Theory of the Fine Arts - A Proposal
Homage to All Teachers - A Lecture
Hopi Teachings and Prophecy
Horseshit vs. Bullshit - An Art History Lecture, 1968 (Audio File)
Houston: Six Painters
Icelandic Myth and Gold of Troy
I Ching Computerized Horoscope
Incarnation of Dionysos
Intermedia '68
IKAT - Art of the Ancient Peoples
Interview with Composer Morton Feldman
It's All About Time - An Art & Mythology Lecture 1971  (Audio File)
Jene LaRue's The Meanings of Mythology
Jewel, Joke and Juggernaut
John Lilly's Sensory Deprivation Flotation Tank
John C. Lilly and Heinz von Foerster discuss inter-species communication
Joyce James in the Yucatan
Judging Sculptor Bruce Nauman's "Dark"
Jules Olitski and Roy Lichtenstein
Julian's - Vallejo's Smartest Nite Spot
Kinescope-Kaleidoscope: Dick Clark
Kurt and Andy Warhol
Kurt and Joseph Campbell
Kurt and Zappa
Kurt plays the Shenhai  (Audio File)
Kurt responds to SF Chronicle columnist Leah Garchik
Kurt Revisits New Zealand - 1983
Kurt Sees the White Light
K von Meier McLuhanesque - The Hot University
Kurt's Bio - 1975
Kurt's Diamond Sufi Ranch
Kurt's Final Art History Lecture of 1966 at UCLA  (Audio File)
Kurt Gets Interviewed in 1967 (Audio File)
Kurt's "History of Rock and Roll"
Kurt's Kachinas
Kurt's Letter from India - 1984
Kurt's Navajo Blankets
Kurt's Semiotexts
Kurt's youth and military service is Global
Kurt von Meier - Chili Guru for the Day
Kurt von Meier in The Monterey Herald
Kurt von Meier, Record Producer
Lama Chime at the Diamond Sufi Ranch in 1975  (Audio File)
L.A. PARTY 1968
Lecture on Magic Mushrooms and Shamanism - 1969  (Audio File)
Lecture on Navajo Blankets - Mt. St. Mary's College - 1969  (Audio File)
Lecture: Patterns, Numbers and Whole Systems - 1975 (Audio File)
Letter to a Fellow Arican
Letter to CSU Chancellor W. Ann Reynolds
Letter to James Keys (G. Spencer Brown)
Letter to SFMOMA Curator Henry Hopkins
Letters from James Keys (G. Spencer Brown)
Life and Death of Rock According to von Meier
Lletters to the Llama by Chico Carboneri
Local Color  (Audio File and text)
Los Angeles Times Coverage of von Meier's "Dismissal" from UCLA in 1967
Love, Mysticism and the Hippies
Mandala: Mirror Reflections  (Video)
Mandala: Mirror: Reflections  Poster
Mary Jane Superweed's Herbal Aphrodisiacs
Michael Morris' Book
Mixed Masters
Modern Times
More on Twine
Mumford on the First Mega-Machine
New Shoes
New York 13: A Critical Review
New Zealand and the Arts of the South Pacific
Norman Akaya and Jose Que's Blue Beamer
November 24, 1963
Om Trespassing
Omnicon on Superliterate Societies
On Breaking into Art Criticism
On Brown's Laws of Form
On Eating Words
On Semene, Lexeme and Sgt. Bilko
On Separateness and Oneness - Roland Fischer
Only Two Can Play This Game
Oops! The SDI Shield is Upside Down!
Oriental Art and Mythology Lecture - 2001  (Audio File)
Pages from the Notebooks of von Meier
Painting to Sculpture: One Tradition in a Radical Approach to the History of 20th Century Art
Paradigm (not lecture)
Play of Dharma
Popping Around the Groves of Academe
Popular and Fine Art - A UCLA Lecture 1965
Portrait of Dr. Jose Goldolphin Que y Porque
Preparatory Notes: Occidental Art and Mythology
Professore Dottore in the Bathhouse
Professore Dottore Jose Goldophin Que y Porque
Prospects for Control of the Brain - von Meier and Wenzel Lecture - 1966  (Audio File)
Provocative Artist Andy Warhol
Public Lecture #1 at the Pasadena Art Museum: Aesthetic Values Jam Freeways
Public Lecture #2 at the Pasadena Art Museum: The 'Funk': Esthetics of Nastiness
Public Lecture #3 at the Pasadena Art Museum: Drawings Not As Comical As They Seem
Public Lecture #4 at the Pasadena Art Museum: Common Bond of Cinemas, Commercials
Public Lecture #5 at the Pasadena Art Museum: Don't Knock The Rock and All That Jazz
Ralph Ortiz: A New Philosophy of Art
Readying a Readymade
Recollections: The Bodhi Meier Sutra
Review: Anton Ehrenzweig, The Hidden Order of Art
Rock & Roll: An Art History - 1954-66
Rock & Roll and the Avant Garde
Rock n' Roll 1964: Observations and Events
Rrrose Ith
Ruminations on the Synod at Whitby
Russell's Other Dream
Sabbatical Leave Report - 1975
Sabbatical Leave Request - 1982
Sabbatical Leave Request - 1998
Six Statements with Extrapolations for the Underground Press Service
"Smitty" the Space-Mouse
SOMA - The Sacred Mushroom Weekend
Some Noise About Hidden Noise
Standards of decency for The Daily Bruin at UCLA
Stars and Galaxies
Study and Travel -1975
Sue Bitney Exhibition - Milan, 1967
Sur Collages by Jimi Suzuki
Surrealism, Los Angeles, and Twentieth Century Architecture
Tarjeta de Turista Para Multiples Viajes
Teyata Om Gate Gate Paragate Parasamgate Bodhi Svaha
The Artist as Shaman
The Artists of New Zealand - 1963
The Ascent of Adamantino
The AUM Conference at Esalen - 1973
The AUM Conference Opening Session -1973  (Audio File)
The Auto da fe of Jose Que
The Background of Transparency and Some Insights into Reflection
The Best Cook in the World
The Big Two Hundred
The Blind Elephant Omelette
The Bridgework of Exegesis
The Curious Case of Annette
The Current Moment in Art
The Diamond Sutra - Tantric Cuisine
The Eisteddfodd
The Eternal Present and the Forty-Eight Laws of Cosmic Objectivity
The Ethics of Grading Students
The Failure and Future of Art
The Film and the Kids Conference - 1967
The Forbidden Erotica of Thomas Rowlandson 1756-1827
The Form Body of Norman Akaya
The Fourth Order
The Gestalt Agent’s Handbook
The Grizzly Bear Dancer
The Heart Sutra
The Human Agenda Part II: A 1966 Letter to Rod
The Idea Institute
The Interpenetration of Art and Life
The Measure of Apollo
The Medieval Approach to Narrative Structure
The New Education in the Arts
The New "Pure" Painting
The Notion of Reincarnation
The OMASTERS - Constance Chang & Ignatz Fine
THE OMASTERS - Dispatches from the Front
The OMASTERS - Incarnation of Dionysus
The OMASTERS - Message from Middletown
The OMASTERS - Primo
The OMASTERS - Report from Soofi Central
The OMASTERS - Shakuhachi Unzen
The OMASTERS - Television Series
The OMASTERS - The Book Proposal
The OMASTERS - The Eisteddfod
The Prototype City of the 21st Century
The Revolution of Popular Art
The Root of Omasters: Laws of Form
The Secret Ball of Twine: A Lecture from 1986  (Audio File and Transcript)
The Square Root of Minus One
The Tibetan Alphabet
The Tooth
The True Story of Tantradine International
The Universal Life Church
The "Yarn" About Walter Hopps and Marcel Duchamp
Theseus and Ariadne  (Audio File)
Tibetan Eye Chart
To Members of the Academic Council
Triune Brain - Roland Fischer
Truth and Quests
Two-Word Phrases
UCLA Campus Rally in Support of Kurt von Meier - 1967  (Audio File)
UCLA Lecture - Renaissance to the Present (Audio File and Transcript)
UCLA's Rock-Star Professor
Unconventional Art History Teacher Fights Termination
Unwinding the Mystical Thread
Utilizing Esoteric Traditions of Knowledge
Vajra Mukut - The Ceremony of the Black Crown
Victor Brauner
Violence - Art and the American Way
Visionary Architecture
VOGUE: Katherine Ross
Vogue Proposal: The Arts in L.A.
von Meier States Defects in New Elam Building
Von Meier Student, Artist Judy Fiskin
WANG DU (dBan gDus)
Warhol Day at UCLA-1966 with Lou Reed and Gerard Malanga (Audio File)
Weaving: Abiding in the Shadows
Which Monkey Ate the Peaches?
Who is G. Spencer Brown and where is that marvelous music coming from?
Why Offer a Graduate Program in Art History
Wood, Paper, Pope
Zhikr Project