Mandala: Mirror Reflections

In 2003 (as Emeritus Professor of Art History during his last year of teaching), Kurt and his students at Sacramento State University created an exhibit of his teaching collection: various artworks, sacred ritual objects, carpets, tapestries and items of curiosity. A CD was created by Michael Azevedo which includes commentary by Kurt about the exhibition and the pieces displayed. The culmination of his teaching career, the exhibition and his commentary recap the remarkable diversity of his interests, his vast body of knowledge and his fascinating life experience. That CD has now been converted to a self-playing movie file on YouTube. Click on the video link above to view it (runs approximately 90 minutes).

Cover illustration by Andy Warhol, LIZ, 1962. All photos courtesy of Sam Parsons, Audio production courtesy of Spider Studios. Photo courtesy of Sam Parsons, CSUS Media Services, All images Copyright 2003, Sam Parsons, CSUS Media Services.