Kurt von Meier, Record Producer


According to Wikipedia, Kurt "became interested in the band [Red Krayola] after he heard tapes containing Coconut Hotel, Red Krayola's rejected second album. He was intrigued by the band's experimental and free-form music and invited them to perform at Angry Arts Folk Festival in Berkeley and the Greek Theater in Los Angeles in June and July. Meier also pushed to get the band to play in the Monterey Pop Festival, but was turned down by the festival's organizers.
        These performances received a lukewarm response from audience and critics alike. Berkeley's underground newspaper, the Berkeley Barb, dismissed the band as being the "bummer of the festival." Some of audience accused the music of being so abrasive that it was the direct cause of a dog's death during the festival. However, some of the audience appreciated the band's feedback-laden sound, some of whom can be heard chanting "More! More!" at the end of the band's performance on the 4th....the announcer mistook the Red Krayola's music for an equipment malfunction and continued to talk several minutes into the band's set."