Jung Vol. IX, 1, A & Coll. U.
"systems of readiness for action"
ACT Action, karma
Karmapa, Amoghasiddhi, Buddha of all the Buddhas
wearing the Black Crown, Vajra Mukut
Incarnate in the style of the Sakyas, another form
sitting in the South, with the rays of the midday sun

episteme, the overview
understanding (having the knowledge, from gnosis, & the
comprehension, from grasping in the hand as in prehensile,
better holding in both hands, down from the trees or as in
the New World with prehensile tails allowing com-pre-hen-ding
with all four...the fifth way school, Cercopethecidae).

peri hypsis
"The view from on high, from above"
not, as it were, "On the Sublime."
The view from on high embraces an integrating, comprehending
perception of that which on the plane, plain, explained, i.e.
given representation upon the x plane, that which is cut-off
or abscised by the y plane, "the ordinate," or that which
orders, one after the other, elements of the set, be they
natural numbers or sequences of oscillations of states of
as they are in the first order of time
a time of no duration
it just don't have it
Rather, a sequence of either remembering or feeding
back or feeding forward
The neo cortex, it has been very well established,
being confirmed by ample evidence of anatomical, neuro‑
logical experimentally confirmed "facts"
          (a fact is from the Latin facere to make or do, and is
          first something made or done, something created. Just
          so, the corresponding Greek root is poet, poetry,
          poesis, with the sense of"to create.)'

Upon the birth of poets
(pace those who hold that poets are made rather than born),
see Stephan Themerson at the beginning of the Life and Times
of Cardinal Pöläitüe and the birth of Guillaume/Wilhelm
APOLLINAIRE (Apollo, Apollinax, appolainax...) carried for
enough time to make nine elephants
The elephant, who cares for the young, the herd
years in the womb of a Polish / Countess
steps in the archetypal ordering of the calculus
XVIII, 18, The Moon
("..the neocortex") is the locus, in the brain, for planning
projecting future, alternate visions of the universe the imaginary value
feeding back into the hippocampus
--let us refer with the order of precision afforded by Broadman areas--
midbrain area, to provide a memory circuit

Giordano Bruno, +1600, at the stake of the fiery Inquisition
with an unpublished manuscript on the art of memory
Capitano Pedro Pichilingue, con una corazon de plate pura,
secret agent for A'pura, and key to realizing the profound
significance of the research currently being undertaken
by Mark Anthropologist Miller on the coca leaf chewing
habits among the Quechua
based in Cuzco, developing the first bio-assay set of
criteria for analyzing with precision, the quantity and
potency, hence psychoactive properties in biochemical terms,
of the coca leaf being chewed, effect of mixture with lime,
and the curious dynamics of the inverse, complementary
relationship between alcohol consumption and coca leaf
chewing in relation to altitude: the potential usefulness
of coca derivatives in the treatment of alcoholism.

The snow cat is out of the bag.
The vast underground coke network
all the time, like the one central kitchen
said to be in the mytho-poeic Teahouse of Necessity
wherever found and whatever, or however its name is called
e.g., "Chaikhana Anagke," "The Bay 0 Wulf Cafe," "The
Diamond--737, count 'em, 737--Snootra Restaurant, another
Kryptotibetan Luftwaffe Chorus Specialty brought to you
by Tantradine International,"
kitchen in which was cooked up all the sweet and sour sauce
we know when we are plugged into the network of imaginary
plumbing (one key is Danish plumbers' bags as high fashion)
and we remember what Marchand Ducel sd. abt. plumbing
and bridges (Theorem 16)
being the principle contribution to global culture from
Amerika) through which flow that classic, unmistakeable,
constant, arithmetical cornstarch glistening, ever the same
It is said to be a vacuum-tube system by some, with little
pacquettes of white powder, pure as the snow
flowing through the viscera of the communications network
Just so in the calcium soil of Yucutan, how the news of the
K'o, 49, moulting, Beatles' NumberNine, Revolution, U.S. 200th
reached all the nodes of the network before the Merida
paper carried its news item.
Who wld. suspect the little ladies at the local icecream
Emperor's establishment
Bud, the Great 24th and Cuba Sts,
whose real name is AL
Just as Fats sez, in "My Real Name"
"Some call me Fatso,
Some call me Domino..."
but those who really know "CALL ME THE HANDY MAN."
Now who would ever suspect a chain of hardware stores?
Carried, perhaps in something so innocent as a child's toy
the entire program for subversion, worked out in one ex‑
ample, one model, one eloquent illustration of the paradigm.
But how are we to recognize the content, to say as well the
intent, of the construction to be subversive
unless the essential structure of the system being compared
to the canonical form of subversion as represented in the
calculus of indications

CREATED : POESIS, poetry; FACERE, fact
by Brown (bruin, Bruno, Bran, Burnt Norton, Ed Norton)
Coalman, chimney sweep, Chico Carboneri, Sooficentral
Carbon Coal/Diamond men, masters of the 6-star, Anahata
and called by him, Laws of Form.
The real address, xy = 24th & Castro; the real name "The
Diamond Sutra. the real address, 737 Diamond St, San Francisco,
California, whose real name comes from that heard in the
Impossible Dream by Don Quixote (or Quichotte, or Quijote,
Quijotl) de la Mancha, a plane/plain in Spain, mainly.

So the source of the elektrocozmack Peruvian Flake
turned out to be the Stasheroo of none other than the lLama Al
Paca himself, one of the Top-Hat lLamas, read by some as
"numberone Lamas" which went along as in a void through
the vaccuum tubes of the coke-compressors as operated in the
chainlink ground net of distribution in the small homey
icecreameries attended by the vestal virgins clad in or-
­chid and pink calico, fresh and Mr Amerkan businessman,
so clean as to be mistaken for your own daughter, imago
Cheri, in the likeness of Cers, Circe, Ceres, The Moon, CHER
without SONNY
Just so the balance between the Sun time and the Moon time
the Solars and the Lunard
was upset at the Council of Whitby, A.D. 665, or thereabouts
being the cabal for the Great Beast's predecessor, as
To Mega Therien is referred to in Revelations as 666
The difference between the Celtic bronze age way, that of
putting the teachings into practice, systematically having
developed the practice of meditation involving breathing
and techniques apparently comparabel with those of Kundalini
yoga, and various other similar practices, Tai Chi Chuan,
Za-zen, the reversal of the flow in the Taoist tradition
of the Secret of the Golden Flower, the Ka Gyud Pa.
and in contrast, the way of Rome, with Bodhidharma credentials,
the requisite intermediary of a professional priesthood, in-
stitutionalized, licensed.

Thus, like the wisdom of the East, as above so below,
if they are carrot greens, below is carrot orange
And so the healing of Ire-land
ERIN, Green Emerald, and the Orange protestant Scott
wanderer, Wotan 56; Dartmouth and Princeton
dangling in front of the ass, burro, donkey, jackass, SET
upon whose back rides across the bridge
entering the Celestial Jerusalem
as can be seen in Simone Martini's vision, Giotto
on PALM, Soofi Sunday
It's about time: the reckoning of Easter
and the setting of the calendar in order
The tantric way in the west was distinguished by the council
in which Easter was set without official public mention
of the moon, and so the secret was clouded by the Establish‑
ment and at the same time set free in popular song upon the
tongue of Caedmon, the first English poet so to speak,
who during the time of the Council was tending sheep on the
hillside of Streonhalch. Thus the strong verb is formed.
Its past tense does dot afford an obvious causal relation
to present active form.
Joyce James, Grace integrating protestant and catholic Elizabeth and Mary
queens. kings and Swift nudes

J Wells cove, Partida Island in the Sea of Cortez, called
"Cardoncito" a local cactus see Baits Cruising Guide
Protestants look inside, Catholics look out!
God, or infinity, the limitless as Zneus to Krwnos
Corona de baril, crown of the King Saturn
Limts, boundaries, that which binds the Gods, Fate, peirata
lying across the knees of the Gods, spinning (Onians, Pearl)

T'ai Chi The supreme ultimate, of limitations
the mark of distinction at zero or one, making each
integral, whole
The 0-point of the plane, point of origin
from which the line extends (not yet in any particular
direction, merely an extension, a scalar field as the physi-'
cists might aver, one dimensional, infinite as not yet limited
The extension of the point is the second state of the
mark, and where the extension stops is the third.
We now have a figure one which we can rotate through
360 degrees of a polar angle at 0, to form a circle in plane xy,
although any extension may be an x or a y at first.
Wells sez do it in 8 parts. Murray Gell-Mann, Buddha.
Huichol 8-pointed star.

Kurt von Meier