Matthias dit Grunewald Gotthardt Niethardt - Self Portrait

Matthias dit Grunewald Gotthardt Niethardt - Self Portrait

THE WHO (Also at Monterey, on stage immediately proceeding Jimi). WHO'S on First? One of the 32 questions which John Cage might have asked (we can imagine this, in the world of choices, the Samsaric Sea of This and That; aber Neti, Neti, which if we keep repeating it fast enough can transform into Nirriti, Nirriti), but did NOT, and as Araminta Ditch might well say, "You might well arsk!"

One appropriate (Sila: morality, the Second Bhumi discipline) answer might well be Foxx (old double cross, memories, dreams and reflections of Ahab Mc Gaff and the Double Cross Saloon), who did play first for the old A's and later the Boston Red Sox; this rhymes with Redd Foxx, who also carries a double D, the double letters being in a special category, relating them to twins and to the constellation Gemini, the Janus, Hinge, Carmenta, doppleganger, doin' it wit' mirrors, polishing the face of the Crystal Mirror, looking into the Purity and innocence and white­ness as of the great Whale, as of the purity and clarity of the mind of the child, the clean tabula rasa, the pure delight of the open, clear, Maha-Ati state of the children of the present generation. And Now I, Joy Lemon Yellow, Buddha at mid-day, high NOON in the troop of golden locked monkeys travelling with the Yellow Gelb Geelvink Golden Ray Au 79 Fulcrum Sodium 5650 A° Light.

Gold and Black are the Colors of the Crown of the 11th Trungpa Tulku. Black with Pearls the crown of the Karmapa, the 16th. And which is the number of the child whose birth he forsees? Just to get our sense of Cardinal and Ordinal aligned? oriented? in phase?

Cherry Rubienachen. (Brain) Stemless dancer.

The psychocosmosurgical guinea (French, Devil's Island) PIG or incarnation of the rDorje Pa Mo, the Vajrayogini in the form of Avidya as an attribute of the Alaya, wearing the Sow's--or Boar's head for her Calydonian heroes, Eros, IIIrd Laborers--head of Cerridwn, the White Goddess of Robert Graves, White Tara of the Tibetans, the Goddess Mother of Mountains, Kailasa of Lama Govinda travelling on the Way of the White Clouds, which is also the name of the temple outside Peking in which is the stone carved with a representation of the flow of energy within the organism, mapped onto the flow of energy in the cosmos, hence PSYCHOCOSMIC, with analogues in the teachings of the Sufis, the Christian underground esoteric traditions (Knights Templars vis-a-vis Hospitalers--while the Hospitalers of Colmar hired a painter named Matthais dit Grunewald Gotthardt Niethardt, who did create a work of architecture and did paint it although the Sense of creation as being a monkey-see-monkey-do relationship to the one Cosmic, Divine, on-going act (Karma) of creative Sakti energy, known by one convention as Allah, by another as God or the Buddha, did not enter Germanic - or Modern European - linguistic expression until Goethe in an essay Vom Deutscher Baukunst, first published in 1763 or was it 1768?, in which the "creation" by one Gottfried von Strassburg of the facade of the cathedral at Strassburg was so compared.)

CROEN Crow Mother, Black Lady Papesse IOANA, the High Priestess, done with mirrors and pierced by the Hermits staff of UNITY. We take as given that the Great work, upon the first course of the Great Stupa, understood as the children of the present generation, begins with UNITY. In unity is there Strength.

Kurt von Meier
Circa 1974