Play of Dharma


The play is a play played true to the form of what Dharma unrolls as reality.

The god of theatre is always Dionysos. The Cry EUOAI! And Dionysos the King is one of the Triumvirate known as The Great Gods (The Meaning of Mythology, by Jene LaRue) The other two are women and girl, mother and daughter, Demeter and Kore, the Red and the White, Lancastershire of the red roses and York of the white in the great War of the Roses, the red and the white of the Hindu Bindu, Red Lotus PADME


In the Red Hat, the Old School, the Nyingma pa, founded by The Guru, Padmasambhava, as the chant goes in the tradition of the Teahouse of Ne­cessity, during the residency of Jetsun Rainbowchez when for a while the place was cleaned up on the surface, thanks to the Shabbasgoy who in the context functioned rather as a KryptoTibetan, who kept a log in which was recorded the cipher key that would unscramble the egg, so to speak for later scholars, not the least of whom, physiologically, was Professor Jose Godolphin Que y Porque, gentleman and scholar supposedly of some noble heritage, who in his time as a student of the KryptoTibetan tradition, analysed and de­ciphered the relic cookbook of the Feast of Four Thousand Fools and a Fool (as rendered according to the Arabic Mother of Records, 'Alf Laya wa Layat "The Thousand Nights and a Night," which we hear read as "Thousand and one nights," sometimes confounded with the escapades of Elizabeth Taylor (presumably as recorded by her husband--bound by the oath and the token of the ring to the house, peirata --Richard Burton) which log began with an invocation, as entirely appropriate for formal writings (cp. "This is dedicated to the one I love..." by the Shirelles, and used as the dedication in The Story of Rock, by the "Dart-hustler of King's"--the "Kings" being in New Jewsey around the eastern tip of Lake Carneige, a man-made magic pond--all-Ivy repeater at center for the Tigers, squash ace, kunstwissenschaftlische Professor Doktor (Philosophise, in artibus elegantioribus, Universitatis Princetoniensis),Carl Belz, and published by Oxford University Press, New York and Clarendon).


The Red Dot. The red end of the spectrum, heat, infrared frequencies in the brain, microwave transmission, communion, realized without the agency of tokens in the marked state by virtue of a network of coherent records. White Lotus of Upper Egypt to the Lower Egyptian Red Crown, the Delta triangle geodeisic, with records stored in the library of the base of the pyramid, at Alexandria in the tower, the lighthouse, on an island, a cartographic coor­dinate, ten degrees west and ten degrees north of the Black Stone, the Ka'aba at Mecca.

The White Goddess, of letters and alphabets, and as Isis, from her mother Carmenta, Lady of the Mind, Carmine, Carmen, holder of the key to language as the Muse, Vision of the poet, artist, musician, mythimatician.

The language came in with Cro Magnon, the arched palate, when the void was formed in our physiological evolution (change) so that in front of the uppermost vertebra the pharynx became operative for speech. Neanderthals, in con­trast, have primitively developed pharynges, supposed to have afforded them about 10% capacity for vocalization. Neanderthal appears to have used his large front teeth as weapons and tools, for gripping, incising, kung fu; thus employed, their mouths, it is reasoned, were ill available for speech. AH! With language we process data through the medium of sound, which flows in time, and so the speakers metaprogrammed a new order of complexity, flowing in time with their maps, memories, stories, songs--since half a million B.C. around the fire.

AH! Yes, the White Lady is the Sea of milk in the night sky from her bountiful breasts the stars of which our sun is one. White ivory of the elephant tusk, the Wooly mammoth ivory, from the finds in the loess plains of southern Russia (White Russia, Beylo-, and Red; Black loess soil) from around BC 6000, with the first circular ground plan for architecture that we have found so far, possibly a tent from animal hides at the base of which was a ring of mammoth skulls, and in a niche the images of the White Goddess of Animals, carved from the true ivory, as the Muse who in­spires scholars with the white light of the true in the ivory towers of the academe, as the joss descends into the rice of the incense burner in the Apocalypse of Buddy Meier, who is up from the mud, offering the song to the Crazy Nyingma Lineage in the spirit of the Guru's "Crazy Wisdom," through the instruction of the Rinpoche, Chogyam Trungpa, one Amanita, 1/29/75.

Dionysos is the BLACK MAN in disguise. The theater tells us, Jolson in blackface, Lord Buckley (The Late, Rupert, of the "Parabolic Revelations"), Amos 'n' Andy, The Big tin Jim Wood, Wolfman Jack, rock and roll singers as a class, Dhu'l Nun legendary founder of the Sufis, mebbe pygmies down the river from the rain forest with herbal medicine, dried mushrooms. Kabeiroi, Mysteries of the Pygmies and the Cranes, little dark fellows of Dionysos and the cranes of Apollo, Geranos.

Labyrinth, of course, the course of the clew, the clue, the thread, that which is spun out, in time, round and round, in the rhythm of the tongue, with the harmonies of past-time sounds, interpreting the song from the darkness, applying the mask, taking the form of the shadow--the whistle away from the fire, invisible. In the forest, tiger's eye shines out, enlightening as a monopole.

NEW (August 14, 1975) heavy "basic" article reported disco­vered, but predicted from theory; and we say the implica­tions of the MONOPOLE will be written in a notation very much like that offered by LAWS OF FORM. The dynamic inter­action of the monopole illustrates very beautifully the relations obtaining when few distinctions have as yet been made. Nevertheless, as manifested in the universe of space/ time, gravity and electromagnetism, such a particle is still only an illustration of the more general formal states in­dicated by the calculus.

Kurt von Meier