Preparatory Notes: Occidental Art and Mythology

An 18th Century Automata

An 18th Century Automata

Joyce, Finnegans Wake, p. 13-14:  numbers 566, 1132 and the gematria transform to 665 and 2311 (Synod of Whitby and ref. NJA Sloane, Handbook of Integer Sequences, G. Spencer Brown, Laws of Form and Only Two Can Play This Game, 1973 Transcript, p. 51 [AUM Conference]).

E. R. Curtius, European Literature & Latin Middle Ages, p. 566 on Calderon's theory of art (Spanish language and Chinese on the ballots, so what about Persian and Arabic in class: we did see the Chinese character Bo, "tree" and the Phonec and glyph, Stigmata, Amanita, 6 pointed star: Hypergnostic Meditation exercise.

Language, modes of transmission (4th is the written word, 3rd the softly spoken word of the oral transmission, the esoteric teaching that can only come through a teacher who has practiced the meditation, eg. the Psychic Space exercise. 2nd is mudra or gesture, the stage show, slides in class, acting-micro theater within theater, demonstrations within the theater as they belong to the algebra or application through variables while in the theater of teaching, where something is shown as in the Elusinian Epoptea.

The state graves in The White Goddess describes-on p. 440 as proleptic or analeptic--the mode in which the key parts of his inspiration occurred (place and occasion from space and time--van Eyck, Aldo: Assignment for Jennifer H: Bram Stoker, Dracula, see first edition. Was Jonathan's name Harker or Harkness? Why was the port Whitby?

Can an argument be drawn from the point: 665/=/566, by a conventional system of graphic transformations, such as might have been practiced by the ollaves and bards, the priests of the Bronze Age whose then passed to those in the Celtic branch of Christianity, in the Apostolic Tradition, after Joseph of Arimathea, who built the first Christian Church in England on the site of Glastonbury, which is on the same parallel North as Stonehenge.

But the bluestones from Presli were quarried years before on the latitude N. 51° 51' or there­abouts, close enough to Churchill's palace, Blenheim at Woodstock, site of Rosamund's Bower, the Labyrinth. Is the story older by far than Henry II and Elinor of Aqui­tane with the daughter of Walter de Clifford and the First English Garden, the Wall that was built for the park in which wild animals were to have been, antelopes for Henry I, who began building circa A.D. 1132.

The base angle of a pyramid is 51° 51' when the area of the side is equal to half the area of the base, such as at Giza (ref. Peter Tompkins and Livio Catullo Stecchini, Secrets.) And what about secrets, their transmission and telling, as in "A Bruit Secret?" Grace is his brush, God as painter, 3 nails, quote Curtius, 567-8, 570: The die of Hermes, Tarot. The West begins in modern history with the Fall of Byzantium, as per Catalog. Curtius, p. 242. Cimabue, Giotto, Dante and Boccaccio as turning away from Byzantine Idealism, returning to the ideal of nature. It's been a long time comin'...

What the West then came to think of as the East (so far as India, China or the Land of Cocaigne) is characterized by their descriptions of architecture. (Frankl, The Gothic, p. 167) "The Architectural Fantasies of Mediaeval Poets," p. 159 ff. Letter of Prester John, c. 1165, political and didactic purpose. 162, clue. Frankl's method: scientific and practical value of the descriptions re: injunctions of representations: plan, section and elevation.

Automata also fascinated the West. This is the modern his­tory of robots, cybernetics. Josiah Macy, Jr. Foundation Confer­ences on "Cybernetics: Circular Causal and Feedback Mechanisms in Biological and Social Systems." Art is among these social systems, distinguished from biological, as technology from nature, civilization from barbarian, ie. by the Wall.

See Edna St. Vincent Millay, "Aria In Capo." The Commedia, Dante and the Pelerinage de Charlemagne c. 1150, voyage to the East, where the sun rises. Whereas the Fool has the sun over his shoulder, on the Monkey way west, Norman Akaya. The way leads over the cliff and into the jaws of a green alligator. Green, verde, que to quiero verde, the green man and the red, El Khidr, St. George and the Dragon, Harpers Nov. 79, John Fowles and Satan's Green Cloak--the Ayatollah Khomeni and Satan America.

SF. Chron. Nov. 9, 79, p. 12, A Riot over Trees in Berlin at the British military airfield. As Joyce advises the Girls of St. Brides' in the Shem and Shaun (Set and Horus) section of the Wake, red all over (B & W), "Read the standard press!" after Robinson and Campbell's Skeleton Key to the treasure is the Treasure, John Barth Chimera, being a western version of Alf Leyla wa Layla, on which see also Shah, Idris, Hermes The Sufis.  This for Arabic speakers: affirmative action (karma) in practice. The question of slavery must also be asked of the Koran. It is a popular name Abd'.

Did Carnot do as mush to free the slaves as Lincoln? In providing the theoretical justification for the steam engines' hardware materialization. The West goes toward the map, return to nature, making it real, embodying the ways, the technology, the reification (res and "thing" etymologies in Lilly's Simulations) as Giotto, etc. turn from Byzantine idealism, abstraction. But then, abstraction returns in Courbet's "Stonebreakers" in the idea of painting in itself, whatever the subject matter, until there is no subject matter at all as in Kandinsky, 1911. But Courbet's subject matter is carefully, symbolically chosen. The academic idea of art is like a stone idol, 1850. See Jasia Reichardt, Robots, and the remaindered book at Tower.

Abstraction of mathematical perspective, Alberti: D. Kahn, the Codebreakers. Alberti as Vatican cryptographer (network of information, Veni Creator Spiritus, Barakath, the Bishops in City Sees, the Roman, Latin tradition. Aeneas, Labyrinth, Woodstock, Egypt, the Sun, Calendar, cycles of time; closure with the Jordan Curve, lineal algebra with the Quest (WH.EST) of the Grail, chalice, CELIX in the crossword puzzle Nov 8, '79, 1C down.

Dressage from Aeneid, Bk V, the Geranos. The Hyksios, Hattie, Hittites did with two-wheeled chariot, while in the desert sand. The wheel gave way to the camel. Tarot VII.

Kurt von Meier
Circa 1979