New Shoes


New shoes for the horse. The year of the Horse is on its way. First the Chinese Dragon. This is a FIRE DRAGON, followed by a fire serpent, the likes of which Tom, Tom the intimate associate of the Piper's great grandson has seen and Zoichi Skardo knows. Then the patient horse of Yinearth. The mouse and the horse are lucky as combinatorics. The dogs, guarding the temple, are much like dragons; mem­bers of the Coyotl clan among the Hopi act as translators (Thomas Banyaca of New Oraibi), interference runners, porous cultural membranes (two-way) spokesmen, guards of the kiva. The coyote is the teacher/trickster, truckin' boss. Dragon with the tale. Shag is your peer.

Noah must count the species named by Adam by twos if they have become sexually distinguished. The algae, in the form of one-celled being, may presumably enter upon acknowledgment of single booking. The horse is named, but the purser must provide a berth for the mare; for the dog, his bitch.

...where GRACE means giving the case to an impartial judge who will hang the son-of-a-bitch, so as to save the Trustees' own skin and the students' collective face-value bargain. Muni, hunny. Maha Muni. Shakya Muni. Soo(wh)aaa.
Pauly pistle Muni, Sea pal.

word Sword   ORTHOGRAPHY is

(left, below) on the bottom dolor of scholarship's sandy sea as the crab king, (among the first of the multi-cellular beings) is risen again in the network of a Big Fisherman's net. And notice how the net is proscribed for sport.

JIHAD! JOHAD! Comes the cry from Lebanon, of the Osiris Eternity cult strong in Egypt because they had bug-proofed the coffin with cedar wood, (Citron is cognate), and steeped the cadaver, he who has fallen as Finn, in Mercuric oxide. Litt ratchet, litt ratchet. Who kneeds the Do? CBS Evening News, 1/20/76 Eric (the King, ex rex, reg) server eidos, severe Id, cleave cut or sever the form, from Greek eidos, sez the praedistant's peach don't tusche the basic ground, ne touche pas, unreal, a phantasmagic show of RHETOR. One might say, trivial, of the trivium among the seven liberal arts, Rhetoric, the art of speech, AH! Visuddah chakra, four petaled Tibetan padma, lotus, low touche, lotus (Colin Chapman Thelmo Green in the moon machine racing  in British green, a most unlikely color for a Car (otta be carmine, aus Carmenta, Red Lady of the Mind). There is not one reference to the natural environment, despite the special serious of pruggroms praesented gift wrapped by CBS, donato, Da, DADA (what the Thunderer sd.), DANA, giving a littel for the taking--in between, media. The mean free path of the fourth estate. Letting the Love light shine like old Oscar Toney Junior, and Bobby Blue Bland, who sings his songs for Mondays--clarity of the bright mirror. Eugene P. Wigner on reflections, symmetry.

Penda, at the battle of WINWAED 657, wiped out.
The book on Dracula in Moe's magic section in back, with all the relationships of the turf of Transylvania, don't show Whitby, now a seaside resort, with the white cliffs. Dracula sailed from England, out of Whitby.

Aboard the craft:
For three points, now, How do the Dedications go in the Dedication song of Freddy the Giant canon. The Council was actually called in 663, but it was about the Easter of 665, which could be foreseen as split asunder.

Also about the way one cut one's hair, tonsure.
Caedmon, sewn. of Dragon's teeth.
Pvt, 1st class Yogibear. Buddy the acting abbot "...on the level..." plenty of time for ("On the square")
The pic, "The Man Who would be King" Henry II Kiplinger Ford.

The book, Laws of Form, as the canonical form of a general system (answering Sarfatti on how LOF relates to "richer matrix.") Other languages, other books. KP putting LOF into neurons & synapses.

New Hampshire paper that brot Muskie to tears. We hear it is known to have been said that yr wife saw someone who called himself a psychiatrist/psychologist. Printer's devil. Don't allow the Devil in Vt., Mr. Webster spinner of webs of deception, lies like a net, IKONS

Kurt von Meier
January, 1976