Message from Middletown


Attention SoofiCentral.

Ma Fie Bulletin up from out of Miasma Bitch, according to the Quipu Transmission of lLama Al Paca (that is, number One llama would be lLlama, properly, and Number One Lama, 'teacher' with the maternal ending, as a title: lLama), who maintains the Andean Krypto-Tibetan tradition, being Anti­podean, as New Zealand to Home (England).

Report on efforts of Ma Fie to establish 100 Tulpas in Middletown--a.k.a, and quite correctly, "Middletown, U.S.A." or "Middletown (--burg, --ville, --bury, --sex, --dale, etc ), America." But this is to say that in their efforts to establish projected control over the democratic porosity quotient of selecting its leaders (Remember, "STOP CASTING POROSITY" from Highway 17?), the shamanic counsel of the lLama Al Paca accounted for one resonant voice of dissuasion as employed in the above cited mantram, among others. Al said, "Might as well”--at which point in space/time, material CHING! went the bell--”realize the matter of faceted fact, being what we make it, from facere (Lat.), in the reality state.”

Well, (Ching, ch'ing, of course), let hum define the state, as the mantram: OM AH HUM VAJRA GURU PADME SIDDHI HUM!" Al Paca thus manifested the perceptual form of the Guru in his aspect of a red robed gentleman from the very high mountains, following the path with a heart. And the heart is the sacrament for the spinning of this wheel of the Dharma and the capital of the state of rMilam,  Dream-State as in the specific dream attributed by Miguel de Cervantes Saavaedra to his Tulpa (Tib. Tr. sprul-ba), don Quix--(or, j)--ote, who is described as dreaming (rMilam, the Third of the Six Yogas of Naropa) an "Impossible Dream,"famed since in song and lore as a hit from The Man From (or, Of) La Mancha. From the Castillian text we may read that the dream is of the White Goddess, Patroness and Muse, Enchantress, California.

So, in the state of Dreaming California, among many wealthy websters, avatars of Spider Woman, weaving the good web of associations into the patchwork quilt only defined as whole when the border, encircling-line is closed, the dream struc­ture of the state emerges; Shakuhachi Unzen, washing eternal dishes in the Tea House of Necessity, Jose Que, delivering his eternal lecture, Philip Taoed and his secretary Diana Flowers forever getting it on in unlikely working situations. The characters in the file of one-half the Psychocosmic Vastness (that is, the Associative, vis-a-vis the Analytical in the other Half Vast file), linked together like mail (metal-, chain-, air-, first class, etc.) danced as a full if motley company in the imaginary theater of where it all might be shown, as it were, a Magic Show. In California, then, (a logical then, rather than a temporal one), following the Uroboric tail of the Pythoness as a Giant Turd skewered by the plumber's snake of Petrus Chatto, resident pipester on the hot springs circuit during the last reign but one of the Wood Tiger/Tigress, as the wood is Yin Bamboo. That was it, the morning of the Unflushable.

A German barwench with gigantic dumpling bouncy buttocks, ribald with the sehrtypisch Deutscherscheisshumor, signed on for a stint at the beach branch of the Teahouse. Upon circulating back to the Homoffice for the plug-in to SoofiCentral--clearances, protocols, file photos for the Fourier transform spatial frequency analysis of her mug and re-Charismacostuming, she dropped a gangbuster brownieboat into the plopper which would not dunkeroonie with one, nor with two and a stainless steel beef-tongue-boiling pot three quarters full with the Taoflow from the old Ch'ing 48 WELL. Thar floating in the Naples yellow porcelain was Santilda's Sooper Baby Ruth, which wouldn't go down, like a stiff-necked Episcopalian girl before the brain-pans of an entire generation were beshambled by wondering--ah Wonder, ADBOUTERUM--where the Yellow went, when we brushed our teeth with Pepsodent. That will never scan, the meter is forever lost, so phrased. It has to be "When you brush your teeth with Pepsodent," and no other way. Some would not realize this if they did not have parents who could pass on the memory of the music of the words in the song and the flow of the breath, swirling of air, sound of the sweet tune always in the labyrinth of our inner ear remembering back until the time in which we rose for once above the surface of the Slimal Primal Estuary into the air to hear four and a half times more slowly than in the denser medium. The lLama Al, and the Professore and their colleagues would translate to a generation of part parents and teachers themselves bent on resolving such formalized issues as: HOW DOES DODGE COLT PUT SO MUCH INTO SUCH A LITTLE CAR?

The message from Middletown is cued to the numbers, those which appear on the sign along the roadside of State highway #29: population 1100, elevation 1110 (or the other way around). Well add them together makes 2210, plus one hundred because it is all a study in  rather the numberical algebra of computations--and this gives a sum of 2310, which is the numerical value of the prime factorial for eleven. Eleven would make sense as a basis for a counting system, as all number theorists may appreciate. It is prime, which ten is not, even though since most people possess ten digits on hands/feet, ten has its obvious bio-­mapping.

The coefficients of binomial expansion of the Pascal triangle are powers of eleven--and these were under­stood in China, and documented by Needham (Science and Civilization in China,Vol. III, p. 137, n. a, which is in Chapter 19, "Mathematics," Section 9, "Binomial Theorem and the Pascal Triangle," pp. 133 ff. Blaise Pascal's Traite du Triangle Arithmetique WAS PUBLISHED POSTHUMOUSLY IN 1665, precisely one thousand years after the Council of Whitby: (p. 134). And the name of the array in the West is thus "Pascal's Triangle," prefigured by Apianus (Petrus, the “Bee Man") in his Arithmetic of 1527, and, as Needham indicates, by Chu Shih-Chieh's Ssu Yuan Yu Chien of 1303, from which a table is reproduced as Needham's Figure 80.

2310 plus one is prime = prime factorial 11, plus one. Cross Ref: BROWN TRANSCRIPT.

Kurt von Meier
Circa 1976