Memorial Display at Sacramento State University


The display case contained materials representative of Kurt's interests and teaching; photos of "Mandala", the exhibition of teaching his collection, a proposal for the creation of Mirrored Room, an outline for his Laws of Form course, a photo of Kurt holding a model of Segre's figure, articles from ARTFORUM Magazine published in the mid-1960s, and the catalog for an Ikat exhibition of the weaving of the people of Indonesia.
          The inscription on the glass doors reads as follows: 
          "Kurt von Meier, Ph.D., professor emeritus of art history at Sacramento State University, required his students to have and make their own experiences. Stressing the importance of etymology, visualization, conscious awareness and non-ego, he used art to expose universal truths through esoteric teachings. For example: a typical assignment in Primitive Art and Mythology meant to give a direct transmission of the concept "Temenous," required us to walk the entire property line of the University while keeping a log of the times, places and circumstances. At CSUS his major projects involving students were the creation of a "Segre's figure" as a site marker for nuclear waste, a proposal for the "mirrored room" as envisioned by Marcel Duchamp, and two e-books, "A Ball of Twine with Hidden Noise" and "Laws of Form." In his final year at the university, a two-part blockbuster exhibition of his private teaching collection was shown in the Else and Witt galleries, entitled "Mandala: Mirror Reflection. It included important sacred and ceremonial objects, works by students, and pieces given to him personally by artists such as Duchamp, Warhol, Lichtenstein, Hamada, and several world-renowned spiritual leaders. For his final lecture/performance which took place in the spring of 2004, he spun vintage vinyl while art historical images were projected onto a screen behind him.
          Dr. von Meier will be lovingly remembered by the CSUS community at a memorial celebration to be held February 2012 in Kadema 145. A screening of the dvd Mandala : Mirror Reflections from the exhibition of the same name and narrated by Kurt himself will be followed by shared memories from the audience. For more information on the work of Kurt von Meier, please visit:"
          As of December, 2017, this memorial display has been disassembled by its creator, Lori Lockamy.