Old Faithful geyser in Calistoga, California, in the Napa Valley.

Old Faithful geyser in Calistoga, California, in the Napa Valley.

Power Through the Poets!

Lady California, bound and raped, begins to rise and throw off her shackles (the freeways).
A Giantess whose breasts are Lassen and Shasta, whose private parts Yosemite, whose belly is a vas pelecanus, a hermetic retort where the alchemical process takes place.
(Like Finn’s mind, when the stopper is pulled, out flows the genie — GEOTHERMAL POWER.
(The Hermetic process, messenger of the gods, culture bringer)
Jung’s spiritus Mercurius, vital force,
Twelve, the Hanged Man
Calculating and gathering data on geothermals

A proposal whereby poets may perform their true function, which is to create the language, in a way that anyone can see is practical.
Studying the feasibility of a plan proposing the investigation of the practicality of tapping directly the primal energy of Earth rather than burning her fossil relics and skewing the process of regeneration.
And integrating the findings derived from special skills
(that being the poet’s skill)

1st chakra — A California Indian, perhaps a Pomo Shaman, someone who knows the lore of the hot springs and geysers, and can say which ones are suitable for tapping and which are sacred to other purposes.

2nd chakra — A marine biologist, to relate power sources (geothermal, atom, fossil) to the origins of life in the oceans.

3rd chakra — A geologist to study the structure of the body of the state around the geothermals.

4th chakra — A specialist, a geothermal engineer, one who knows how to build the hardware.

5th chakra — A media man; a writer, graphologist, photographer, PR man.

6th chakra — A cybernetician, mathematician/electronic engineer; the computer man.

7th chakra — The orchestration, the poet who relates the technical problem, of how to store power, to the process of studying power as a technical problem. The poet is feedback, the reflection in the crystal mirror.

Kurt von Meier
Circa 1974