Henry Fonda as the President of the United States in the 1964 film about nuclear war,  Fail Safe.

Henry Fonda as the President of the United States in the 1964 film about nuclear war, Fail Safe.

An amazing multiplex list of "what-if"s.
A-mazed. In a maze (Vide. Matthews, Bibl.)
Minotaur/Theseus in a maze.
The labyrinth is a Lydian word, not Greek.
The first labyrinth was in Egypt, in conjunction with pyramids and reflecting pools.
The maze of memory, the thread of Ariadne, Arachne,
Our Mother, who has spun us out over nine months of
earthwhirl in the electro-magnetic field of the SUN
And her tossings, rolling over in sleep, Sufi dancing.
Insulated in the vast interior cosmic ocean.
The Tiger who roams through foreign jungles began by chasing his own tail inside his Mother's Most Precious Human Body.
We take as give the idea of form and the idea of distinction and the form of distinction for the form
Acknowledging the point of view (still a point of view, as the Teacher reminds us) of the perceiver, in order, that we might receive the vision.

O' the stream of Dakinis. Oriental visions floating from out of the West, from Green Mountain, when Buddy Meier was 21. The Dakini initiation (after SHARI-LI BROWE,(N), I-Lean pees and Flossie Sizzler--in the back of GUDSAM ROBBY'S model B, DUNCAN HAM's '39 Chev cpe, & b'low decks on the QUASILA.

HUM. I should always be cruising on the Quasila in my sea‑story dreams. rMilam. Mused Meier as the Bud of consciousness bobbled in the swirl of the mini-ocean of his teacup. The busboy, Ti-Zing served the brew. Who knew? this might be the very Uwasiyya Saint sent from Sufi Central who would qualify for the unparalleled honor of representing the 4001st FOOL at the Grand Eistedfodd to be held in Chaco Canyon, or was it the Houston Astrodome, or the LA. Colisseum in lieu of elections at the end of the '76 campaigns. Zing set the raku-ware teacup in front of Buddy Meier, who lurked like a snow lion in the shadow of the corner of the kitchen.

Küchen, Kinder and Kunstwissenschaft, schreibt er auf dem pine wood of the tableround, spun beneath the lamp which shined as in a vision of the Sutra, PRAJNAPARAMITA, as the sheets of the Mila family's copy were swirled in the wind.

The winding. The wind. The coil. The Pythoness, coiled around her eggs. The only serpent mother who, as with the warmth of the Earth as the Great Mother, who in her viscera digests the unborn offerings of conceptions, fantasies, dreams, self-referential feedback circuits of memory, as in her caves she warmed in benevolent darkness the spirits whose children were to represent the Mongoloid race.

The diamond

The diamond—backed serpent. Delphic Pythoness. Helix about the Omphalos, Navel of the World in the sacred gorge. The winding sacred way, the Path, the Tao, Dō, up the spiral tower in the center of the labyrinth

          LABYRINTHOS from LABYRIS, Lydian for "double axe,"

which has been shown to be the schematic, graphic basis upon which one may construct the ikon of the Kretan Labyrinth, so familiar on coins from Knossos. Coin of the realm. The mark of the sovereign Minos, successful in commerce of the three competing brothers.

We know there are four brothers. One is in the form. This may mean that he is dead. In Memoriam: Joseph Kennedy. MENOETIUS in relation to PROMETHEUS, EPIMETHEIUS and ATLAS. For Minos, there are mentioned Sarpedon and Rhadamanthys, who were adopted by Asterion (Creature from some other star, or from our star, ELEKTRUM, the Sun, and so addressed by St. Francis of Assisi in the first great poem in the vulgar Italian language, as Milarepa wrote in the language of the real people poetry that has lived far longer than the imitations of Indra) and Europe, after, in the manner of sacred kings, Arthur and his round kitchen table, where the knights were spent (har!) sitting around talk, talk, talking about it, as the couple found themselves with NO MALE HEIRS. And so much for the patriarchal geneology.


(Truth is that most of my style of writing when I was in high school and doing a lot of it for this person or that was replete with parentheses. In the process of using so many parenthetical experessions exasperatingly frequently, EYE saw that the plural was spelled with an "e" (before I had ever come to wonder why and how that might be transfinite), and the singular with an "i" which we now take for the token of the imaginary state. This is, in a way, an essay in imagin­ary statecraft/Stadtkraft powerrealestate. Aside, aside... This was before I knew Kafka, and the plot structure of a movie such as Fail Safe, in which each successive line is a freak-out such as to reverse the values of the previous line or plot event on the order of a periodic shifting of figure/ground, much as the values of the real and the imaginary interplay in certain mathematical equations (Eg. Newton in letter to Leibnitz, June 13,  1676). There we were, above the greatest old German restaurant in New Yorque, in the steel and expensive studio, where one's ladease' brutha' made filums, and ate chars in the middle of this February snowstorm, with Henry Fondle on the tally when it begins coming through like a news report, off-set only by the third potato-pankake, or, as they used to be called by Daddy, when fried for breakfast on the morning after the big dumplings had been dumps in the chiquenitza: Kartoffelpfanküchen. Before, that is, that I realized what all this self-referential, projected social prohibition business began to seem to be about. And before reading Gertrude's Tyne).


Tree-pining, Osiris gone but bound to return. Massuh comin' back, gwine wanna no wha's bin goin' on. To Diwoniso with the first wet rains in October following the proclamation on the Dharma in the west by the head of the Ka Gyü Order of Tibetan Buddhism, His Holiness, the Sixteenth Gyalwa KARMAPA. Not "Gwalya" as on page 15, The Laws of Form. (This is the syllabus for "An experimental course Art 296B..." and not the book Laws of Form ($9.00 Julian Press, 1972). Pine top tall, as the Late Lord Buckley would say. The pine tree as appropriate for the Male Wood Tiger, roaming high in the Rockies, on the eastern slopes of the continental divide.

Distinction is perfect continence.

The divisibility of one number by its predecessors. The way Leonard Eugene Dickson begins the first chapter of the first volume of The Theory of Numbers. By the numbers, Doris the Slo Loris, sipping her sloe gin fizzer in Diamond-Sutra visualization of Flossie in the bunk and her double-40s. Dividing the cleavage, The dive. Gurus as diving coaches, into the cosmic sea flowing as the Time churn in the Eddas and Vedas, in the butterchurn of the Kalu Rinpoche. One doesn't churn water and expect butter. One churns milk.

OS bone

IRIS Greek goddess of the rainbow
Jetsun Rinpoche
"who came near to becoming the rainbow body of wisdom..."
Mila ras pa The rainbow cannot be grasped.
Bow clan at Awatovi.
Moon bow and arrowshaft of the sunray.
MUKETA    The mushroom: AMANITA     Soma.

The BODY: Soma, the organism, mobile for animals, while the king of the vegetables sinks roots into the place becoming at one with the spirits of the earth, in bondage, a bridge in time, suffering duration, extension in time. For the Sangha, the body is LAW. The basis for coming together. By convention. A constitutional convention. The body of Osiris was shamanically severed, as the solar year into 12 parts. There was also a thirteenth: since approximately the same year could also be thought of as composed of thirteen lunar months. Sun and Moon. Dionysos was the "13th" god on Olympus, representing ecstasy. Beside oneself. Outside oneself, as the Sahasrara chakra is said to be imagined above the crown of our crania. Thus we have the body of the King or Pharoah's LAW, which is of stone (rock, earth, Atlas) and based upon the sun, and the clear light and that which can be set straight, and but in order, and which is described by a tree grammar. Six levels each with bilateral, "yin/yang" states, as chakras of the body plus the seventh, of the body but not in it for the cosmos viewed as Aristotle's ULH, or stuff (as the tree in the forest) however, from the point of view of LIFE, on this side of the disentropic mirror, in the body but not of it. That is EIDOS/FORM (or, of course, "this" is), the good sweet high onemind FOREST zazen and unnameable Tao all rolled into one. ALLAH IS ONE. So the thirteenth member, the lingam, VAJRA, rDorje, Light­ning Bolt, Magic Tower,

wade a minuette

The Whit Tower. Carla. It comes back to me now. Faint whis­perings of Indioid musicalles, floating thru the Spiritual Materialism and considerable quotient of suggested bestialism which pervaded the bamboo grove in the center of which sat Chit & Andy, the incomparable team of Nepali spider monkeys who dropped to the rickety green porch of the temple and began banging upon the KRYPTO-KOSUMAC MacHinery, most astound­ingly turning page after page of Primate baraqa in the form of the flow of probabilistic fignewton fingersticking Bodhi activity upon the keyboard. Chit arrayed the grammar of Beet­hoven's 28th piano sonata into typeface. Andy then performs a sieve operation. He scans for fugal structures. Although Beethoven used the fugue in early works, it was uncommon in his work until the last great Deaf Notations. This, the spider monkies in the temple had to go on, seeking refuge.

Time out for Mahakala action. Defending the territory of the Queen. Joining the Pirates. Dionysos in a Krater image, down the puka of a volcano, red with wrath, the Geburah, the coral (not a stone, no s-ton sine wave clear tone for tuning as in the lithophones in the Temple of the White Clouds outside Peking, wherein the instruments were tuned because the rock had a clear and even fine structure, with resonnant frequencies that could be set in precise, demonstrable (thru sympathetic vibrations--wrath=vibration: Alchemy, the 14th Tarot key (closure p. 0), the Wrath of Achilles--to king himself, being checkered--also shown gaming, offering sac­rifice to Hermes, Chance, Fortuna, Agatha Tyche: on the top­ology of nervous nets, see Warren Sturgis McCulloch--and we ain't talking about chainsaws--Embodiments of Mind. Now what could that be, an Embodiment of Mind? Cosmos from Ontos. Passages About Earth, by William Irwin Thompson. Coils of the Pythoness. Michelangelo painted the glazed-eyed stare of absolutely clear sight of the future (Prometheum, or FOREKNOWLEDGE, FORESIGHT, VISION). This was an attribute, we are told by Professor Charles de Tolnay, the distinguished Hungarian scholar, art historian and Teacher, Gentleman, and lover of Fine Italiana, in his monumental study of Michelangelo published by the Princeton University Press, originally the property of the CUMAEAN SIBYL, according to Vergil--Cumae with the labyrinth cut in the stone grotto.

The Roebuck in the thicket

Conceal, disguise the treasure, Lapwing of Zeus
The first (male) of St. Bridget, the Chuckchee Snow Queen's puppies. The DOG - LAPWING - ROEBUCK
Robert Graves, The White Goddess

What does it mean to be in the Tea House of Necessity at the rDorje Bodhi Sufi Ranch?
Start with the Sufi. element (data block)
Shaggy Horse in "Conn-edda," or, "The Golden Apples of Lough Erne" and in Grimms "The Golden Bird" (Heinrich Zimmer, The King and the Corpse) Shaggy dog stories. George Fox as wool merchant (and cobbler Cherry)
Partridge sez SHAG WOOL SUFI (Arabic: A. Süf)
Spinning yarn. Spindle whorls from Troy. The Trojan Game. Parades. P-RAIDS. The Panty raids at Princeton in which the mass psychology was keyed by music. The music of Marsyas driving the people to ecstasy, and settling for lace and silk tokens. Also: THE THREE GOLDEN APPLES OF HERAKLES, HESPERIDES. The Golden Bird 3 obols; could be pomegranate seeds or cakes for Cerberus, some token for the guard of Hell. Three sun-dried Amanitas, according to the Vogul legend (Wasson, Soma) Marsyas as Bill Haley and his Comets, from Philly, "Rock Around the Clock." The Truths are in the tunes.

Kurt von Meier
Circa 1974