A Kvon Meier Treasure Box


Two hunting horns, one engraved with the name Col. Jack Chinn (and illustrated with a hound and fox); another horn carved into the shape of a fish. A Shenhai, which Kurt played for a while, and box of reeds. A comb made of bamboo, a copper "bottle," a small, silver horn adorned with turquoise, a slice of polished agate in a leather pouch, an old magnifying glass and an ivory piece of a pipe shaped like a woman's hand. Treasures.

Interestingly, below is an invitation from the Honorable Order of Kentucky Colonels for an event on May 3, 1957, found in one of Kurt's folders; it is directed to Colonel J. Morgan Chinn, Jr. 


Information about Col. Jack Chinn, a notorious knife-fighter, is available online. A commemorative plaque is also devoted to his activity at the Kentucky Derby, shown below.