A Reasonably Quiet Theater Piece


Tuesday, December 10

University of Houston
Houston, Texas 77004

Thank you for your letter concerning the scheduled program in April, 1975. I am delighted by your request and very much anticipate visiting you in Houston.

We note that April 16th and April 18th mark two important anniversaries: Albert Hofmann in Zurich on that first ecstatic, inscrutable bicycle ride, and Paul Revere in the Greater Boston area. The 17th looms as the critical date: or perhaps something theatrical over the three-day period. Together with the Diamond Sufi Ranch & the Adamantine Research Community, I plan to be in Las Vegas at the Uni­versity of Nevada during the same period, however; dates are not yet established with John Mc Cracken, Director of the NNW Art Gallery, although we prefer visiting there early the following week, April 23-25th. Trusting these dates may be confirmed, may we proceed with arrangements.

Enclosed please find some recent/current project indications.

We envisage a reasonably quiet theater piece including: demonstration of a Tantric lymphatic massage technique from the Swar Yoga teachings through Harish Jobari, making tea in the tradition of Shakuhachi Unzen, an early mythical California master and founder of the Teahouse of Necessity, wherein nightly almost unfolded the story of the Feast of Four Thousand Fools, and a presentation of Woody Nicholson's vision of the Great Chaco Canyon Eis­tedfodd in lieu of the 1976 elections, with cross referen­ces to the Log of the (space/time) GRAVITY/GRACE-warp ship, Adamantinus fluttering about the threshold of the Black Hole in Cygnus. This and more for $1,250 and up.

The "Sixth-chakra" cerebro-cognative content could, of course, be delivered in a formal circumstance, while wrapped in, say, a grey Cardin suit, etc.

Happy to supply any additional information, and eager to proceed to detailing.

Your Friend,
Kurt von Meier, Ph. D.
Professor of Art